How to Remove Pet Hair from Your Car's Seats

Published: 20th June 2011
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Pets are good companions and many people love them to the extent of occasionally riding with them. However, petsí hair tends to shed over time and especially pets with long hair, leaving some on your car seats. The hair can stick to your clothes, which is very embarrassing for those who work in offices and it. Although removing pet hair can be quite a nightmare, it is essential that you use an effective pet hair remover. Some pet owners often try using brushes, rubber tipped tools, static sprays, gloves and masking tape but these methods do not work effectively as pet hair stones.

Pet hair stones are quite effective, durable, and earth friendly than any other product for cleaning pet hair from car seats. It has unique rigid hair scaled texture which effectively removes hair from car seat fabric. It is easy to use the stones and only requires a light sweeping motion. The stones are amazing and with nothing to plug in, replace or wear out and can be used over and over again. These makes it one of the best pet hair removal products that you will always need to ensure pet hair is kept under control.

The pet hair remover is made form a 90% post consumer recycled materials which includes some of the stuff that people often put in a curbside recycling box. The stone can be used by any one even those with allergies thus making it an efficient and reliable tool for your car. This is because the stone is hypoallergenic and odor free. It is a pet hair remover considered not only an effective tool that will help you overcome your nightmare but also itís environmentally friendly. You can always keep it in your car just in case you need it after a ride with your pet.

The pet hair remover is made of high quality post consumer recycled materials and offers reliable and excellent pet hair removal results. This is because the stone does not dull, lose its stick and can be used for a long time. It is sold at a pocket friendly price while the benefits it offers actually will make you realize that, you are buying something that lasts virtually forever and will always offer desirable services.

When using the stone on your car seats, you can be sure that you are using a safe product that will not tamper with the materials used on the seats. This is attributed to the quality of materials used on the stone which are safe for the car seats as well as your hands. The pet hair remover is very effective and offers visible results within an instant since itís quick and easy to use. The stone can also be used to remove hair from clothing, furniture and on carpets and offers a lifetime guarantee. For this reason, as a pet owner, you do not have to waste time and money trying to get a solution to your petís hair on your car seats, the stone is the ultimate solution.

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